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Re: [VintageLambo] Accuracy of horsepower figures.


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Fred: Like Laust, I too have an early BMW 750 (150k miles plus) and the Espada (S3; 46k miles). I have often reflected on the similarities and differences between the cars...here are some of my thoughts and some figures for discussion purposes. Here"s a question to ponder for us all: Why is the Espada only slightly quicker 0-60 and in the quarter mile than the 750, when it weighs a lot less and has more hp? Perhaps the 300 German horses are "at work" and some of the Italian horses stayed behind at the factory? Simply fewer hp lost in the drivetrain of the newer car? Both? The quartermile data seems to correspond to my driving impressions that the Espada pulls stronger once at 5000 rpm. Does the torque differential account for some of this? Any ideas, comments? 750 (auto) vs. Espada (5-speed) (both have V-12 engines) Owner"s manual data unless otherwise noted: Engine displacement (cc): 4988 vs. 3929 Compression ratio: 8.8:1 vs. 10.7:1 Claimed HP (DIN): 300@5200 vs. 350@7500 Torque ft-lb (DIN): 323@4100 vs. 290@5500 Enigine oil (U.S. quarts): 7.9 vs. 15.2 Wow! 0-60 (sec): 6.9 (owner web site) vs. 6.5 (Road & Track) 1/4 mile (sec@mph): 15.5 (factory claim)@96 (owner web site) vs. 15.0@100 (Road & Track) Top speed (mph):155 (electronically limited; some tests at about 158; Dinan, the BMW tuning firm, claims that an de-limited 750 will pull about 160 with its stock 3.15:1 gearing) vs. 155 (gearing 4.5:1; Road & Track)) Observed engine rpm@mph: 2100@80 vs. 4000@80 (speedo reads low) Observed mileage (mpg): 17 (about 20 @ 80mph) vs. 9.5 Ouch!! Weight: 4233 vs. 3605 Wheelbase (in): 116.0 vs. 104.3 Lenght: 197.8 vs. 186.5 The Espada is really long, Width (in): 72.6 vs. 73.4 and very, very wide--feels like a minivan, Height (in): 55.1 vs. 46.6 ...and low :-) Tires: 225/60ZR15 vs. 205/70VR15 Driving impressions: The cars are about as different to drive as they could possibly be. The 750 is nearly silent while the Espada is always loud--only the nature of the sound changes from a deep rumble to a high banshee shriek (always enjoyable!). The cars both feel wide, but the Espada more so (although factually it is only a little wider). After a bit of driving the 750 feels more like a 5 or even a 3-series, it sort of shrinks as you realize just how well it handles, and how responsive the steering is. The Espada always feels ponderous, almost truck (tractor!) like, definately a more agricultural feel than the 750, which is in many ways like a really nice Honda Accord (meant in a good sense, not that the 750 is a cheap economy car). The 750 *is* much faster under most real world circumstances, but the Espada *feels* faster (I suppose that I *could* drive the Espada only at 5000 rpm plus, and then it would be faster, but if I kept the 750 locked in 1st, 2nd, etc., maybe *it* would still be faster--either way, that is not the way *I* prefer to drive). The Espada actually does pull harder from about 5000, but the 750 has strong acceleration (particularly in sport mode, which holds up-changes until 5000 plus, rather than the normal 4000) from anything over 40-ish mph to about 135. The cars are very similar in comfort on all but the worst roads. They also feel a lot alike during modest to fairly brisk cornering (both corner fairly flat). The brakes on the 750 are MUCH better! The driving position in the 750 is wonderful, as is the interior, indeed the entire car. A 4 hour brisk drive (fairly typical time from LA to SF) is fun, but never tiresome, while in the Espada, the seats leave a lot to be desired (maily too short seat cushions), not to mention how one "drops" into the car due to how low it is. The 750 has a superb back seat, with about the same room as in the front of the Espada (at5" 11" I can easily cross my legs in the (electrically reclining) back seat, with then front seat set near fully back. We all know that the Espada"s back seat is, at best, for c


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