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[VintageLambo] Re: Brake parts interchange


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--- In VintageLambo@yahoogroups.com, "Steven Rood" wrote: > Maybe we should at least let him know what we are up to? Hi Stevo, Works for me!Who wants to talk to Jim about all this?I"d be interested in his take.I don"t want to step on anybody"s toes, especially Jim"s since he"s been so helpful to me over the years. Here"s the deal....we are a small group of lambo enthusiasts, primarily owners.We"re interested in working on our cars, or at least knowing about them.We"d like to have some part manuals online so that we don"t have to say "the thin washer that"s next to the aluminum strut that holds the rod in place on the rear suspension -- do you know what I"m talking about?well, it"s not that part, but the one next to it." Instead we can say: http://www.geocities.com/lamboguy/PC21_RearSusp.html part GN-00145 See, that"s specifically why we need the part manuals online.I bought mine from Jim almost 20 years ago, and subscribed to his newsletter for about 15 years.I posted my 400gt manual online so that when I"m talking to somebody about a 400gt part we can communicate somewhat intelligently.(They don"t always have easy access to a 400gt parts manual.And frankly, I can"t find mine half the time either!) I also know that I get almost zero hits on that 400gt manual, because I have a counter on the site.Over 90% of the hits are from me checking to see if anybody has accessed the site!Nobody does. So that"s where we"re at.I"m open to comments and input, especially from Jim (who found my 400gt for me in 1982!). Best, Fred


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