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Re: need advice on bleeding brakes - 400GT..


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--- In VintageLambo@yahoogroups.com, "Aaron A. Arnold " wrote: > This will be the first thing I need to do when I pick up the 400GT > soon, Hi Aaron, What do you actually know about the car?Does it have soft brakes, no brakes, etc.Any info on the boosters?Were they ever rebuilt, was Jerry having problems with them, any info at all?Are they the stock Girlings? You probably know my opinion about the girling boosters by now, I think they can be darned dangerous.They can lock up when you come to a stop, or they can simply not work at all.I"d start by asking Jerry what he knows about the boosters and go from there. Mine were finally rebuilt properly by Karps: Until then they were very unpredictable, now (5 years later) quite dependable.But I"m still very cautious with them. Cheers, Fred


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