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Maserati/Lambo X-Ref List -- Here it is!


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A huge thanks to Jacques at: www.maseratisource.com He can get these parts from Italy.Jacques is a Maserati enthusiast who recently purchased a 400GT 2+2.He recognized immediately that many of the Lambo parts were the same as the Maserati parts he"s been working with. I"ll put them in the x-ref database tonight. THANK YOU JACQUES! Fred --------------- I made a small xref list for you. clutch master cylinder kit is the same as maserati 3500gt,ghibli,mistral. front and rear brake pads are the same as the maserati ghibli,mistral,indy,mistral. rear brake pads on the 350/400gt are the same as jaguar xk6. power booster girling are the same as the maserati mistral/early ghibli/sebring. front and rear caliper kits are the same as the mistral/ghibli ss/indy/3500gti. toggle switches are the same as the early maserati ghibli. turn signal indicator lucas type is the same as the maserati mistral/early ghibli/sebring series 2. oil filter is the same as early ghibli/mistral. air horns setup road-master is the same as the mistral/early ghibli. ignition points are the same as the 3500gt/gti/mistral. 400 gt tool jack kit is the same a the mistral. tool pliers/screw driver/hammer is the same as the mistral. side indicators are the same as the mistral. fog lights are the same as alfa 2600/maserati mistral.


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