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[VintageLambo] 400 GT 2+2 update


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I spent most of Saturday playing with ex-Galich #586, I think it is about the best weekend I have ever had, and I know there will be better. The car is in very good shape, and judging by the compression test readings (167-185), the engine is also very good. The carbs will have to come off, gummed up with old fuel.Althoughthe fuel in the tank and filter was not as stale, I siphoned it all out. The tires are old - dry, so they need replacing.The Borranis are in good shape, not excellent, and are the raised nipple type. Radiator needs attention, brake cylinder has a little leak.Oil cooler lines should be replaced. Maintenance issues, I dont think it is going to need anything major. I have decided to hold steady on a repaint, and just worry about mechanicals at this point.The responses from the group about leaving it in its race decor made me think, maybe I CAN live with Cadillac Firemist Blue with bondo bubbles for a while. The interior is presentable, though the sunvisors were recovered, is missing the wool overhead, and the tin pans the conceal the underside of the dash wiring etc on both sides. Now on to the spare engine, it has plenty of rust and corrosion from being stored near the Calif coast. I will remove a carb from ittoday and familiarize myself with Webers. I can imagine that the heads are going to be very stubborn to remove.Would a vat full of diesel fuel (or other) help out, maybe allow it to sit for several weeks?Ideas? Well I am off to go start smiling again, all day long. Aaron _______________________


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