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[VintageLambo] Re: Rub strake refurb


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I thought that might be a misnomer in the auto field. The rub strake is the C channel aluminum extrusion with the rubber insert. On a boat it"s called the rub strake, for a car it should be ding protector? Or something. I found another trick, when you reinstall the rubber insert, turn it upside down and that will hide some of the dings in the top of the rubber. I also redid the mail slot deflector metal tabs. They get loose and start to flap. I"ve realised that my car has been neglected in almost every respect except the engine and clutch. So far, I"ve worked on the interior, brakes, cooling system, wiring, driveline balance, AC, heater, radio, rubber seals, and chrome trim. later this year, when it warms up I"ll be stripping all the paint off, repairing the rust bubbles, and prime and paint the exterior. The Big Picture is that I bought a car for low money and without spending too much, am getting it in fairly good shape. It will never be a point car, or even near, but I can drive it often and repair what goes wrong. If you"re willing to spend time, and energy, and know some basic mechanical concepts, it"s not impossible to own a nice car for reasonable money. Doc --- In VintageLambo@yahoogroups.com, "Robinson, Aaron" wrote: > What exactly is the rub strake in the pic, the stainless c-channel with the > rubber insert or the louver in the heat vent? > > My side rub trim was replaced years ago with similar c-channel stuff with > rubber inserts (available at JC Whitney, by the way). I agree that it > matches the stainless window and windshield trim better than the plain black > stuff (which was probably used because it was cheap). The black looks ok on > lighter color cars but on dark colors the brightwork pops nicely. On cars > that have lived a less-than-sheltered life that rub strip is sacrificial and > shows a lot of dings and dents which will never come out. > > AR > > -----Original Message----- > From: mirror [mailto:mirror@i...] > Sent: Monday, January 27, 2003 7:10 PM > To: VintageLambo@yahoogroups.com > Subject: [VintageLambo] Rub strake refurb > > > In a vicious bout of bead blasting, I did the rub strake on my Espada. The > old aluminum strake part had been repainted several times without the > benefit of paint removal (or removal from the car, apparently). It looked > like #&^!$*%. > > So, after blasting with glass media, it looked pretty nice. I shot some > clear over it, and threw it back on the car. The rub rail insert was buffed > with a bit of rubbing compound. With the SS bezel around the windows, and > the bright whells, I think it looks better than all black. > > Opinions? (no, it"s not stock or original) > > Doc > > > > > > 77:HM/A=1341247/R=0/*https://www.gotomypc.com/tr/yh/grp/300_mapG/g22lp ?Targe > t=mm/g22lp.tmpl> > > l/S=:HM/A=1341247/rand=316452740> > > > > > > > > .


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