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[VintageLambo] Re: A/C upgrade/brakes/PS


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Roberto The posts prior to this cover most of what you need to know. The adapter plate is now about $60 plus shipping, and the Sanden 508 is over $300 with the clutch. Check ebay.com/motors and search for "sanden". There have been good buys on there, I bought a compressor for $85 brand new. The adapter plate needs to be trimmed on one corner. You have three evaparators on your car. There is one in front of the pass seat in the dash, and one on each side of the rear seat found by taking off the rear side panel. Often these rear ones aren"t working because the motors are frozen, or the wiring is munched. Pull up the rear seat bottom, take out the screw on the lower panel below trunk latch, and you can access the evap & motor. Once you have the new compressor installed, it"s important to fully evacuate the system, and have it tested for leaks. Any competent AC shop can do the work, despite the crazy look they give you when you drive in. Recharge with R-12, again, readily available, just ask. If you want to change to R-134, you"re looking at some serious cash. New dryer, new oil in the compr, different fittings/hoses, etc. About a $1000 for our Espada (I checked) using your Sanden compressor. As for the brake/clutch reservoir, if GTCP doesn"t have it, I"m afraid your going to have real trouble. On a happier note, you can use any type of reservoir with two taps, and a tee fitting or one large tap and two tee fittings. The fluid is all the same, and can be supplied by one reservoir. There is no after market PS that I"ve found. The series 3 has PS, bot it"s a serious job to retrofit it. There"s a unit from the BMW early coupe that might fit, but I haven"t tried it yet. Doc --- In VintageLambo@yahoogroups.com, "Roberto " wrote: > Re 1972 Lambo Espada: > > The Espada that I have came with a A/C system factory fitted but I > think it never worked. Is there a upgrade avalible and is it worth > it.


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