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Re: [VintageLambo] burst oil cooler pipe

Jack Riddell

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Hi Clive, I had an incident similar to yours once where the oil cooler got punctured and dumped a case of 20W-50 in a matter of seconds. Fortunately, I was moving very slowly at the time so I didn"t get the adrenaline rush you must have experienced. And most of the oil ended up on the side of the road and not on the car. One question - are your hoses the type with the braided metal jacket? I would think that the chafing would be a non-issue with that protection. But I fully agree, anyone who has that oil cooler must take the time to periodically check hoses, mounting, signs of damage to the cooler, etc. or face the possibility of experiencing some real unpleasantness. I am on my third oil cooler! Luckily, there is a gentleman in Santa Barbara (Peter Economoff) who can re-create oil coolers that are indistinguishable from OEM. B/R, Jack badsaddle wrote: A salutory tale:- Out in my 400gt 2+2 at night at the w/end, late and driving quickly, passing a car at 80mph in a country lane and had a problem at front of my car which felt like a blow out, went to brake and car skidded violently, accompanied by clouds of acrid white smoke, plunging oil pressure - all this in a matter of seconds of course. Came to a stop - thankfully no crash. Cause was a burst oil cooler hose - total oil loss in 200 yards - oil over the whole car including front brakes and tyres (which caused the skid), 100 degree oilover RH manifolds andexhaust system, lucky the car did not catch fire....oil over the road, everywhere. Never seen so much damn oil! - it took me a day to clean the engine bay and underside of my car. I"m getting a new hose made up and hopefully there is no damage to the engine. Will hook up at the weekend to see. Anyway - moral of story - check your hoses!!! Post mortem shows that on full lock my hose was chaffing hence the weakness. :-(( Clive


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