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Re: [VintageLambo] Re: Espada Brake Boosters

John Allott

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The canister is a Chad says a power steering oil reservoir. I don"t have any filter in it, just an tin can half full of hydraulic fluid. As for the parts number of the oil filters, I can"t help because I have 18 original Lambo oil filters, still in their boxes, which came with the car - these particular ones are no longer made so a part number from them wouldn"t help much Can"t help much with the voltage regulators - About 20 years ago, the car had the engine bay burnt out, and one ofthe previous owners rewired the bay, so I wouldn"t use my layout as being typical of an Espada !!! John jallott@albury.net.au > > Also it looks like you have moved your voltage regulators from > between the boosters.Is this true or were your regulators always on > the inside of the right booster? >


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