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[VintageLambo] Re: Espada Brake Boosters


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--- In VintageLambo@yahoogroups.com, "John Allott" wrote: > Rex, > I have attached a quick shot of the 5/8 Girling Boosters from my S3 Espada. They don"t look very much like your description, so I assume you do not have Girling boosters > > John > John,I"ve been looking at your booster picture and am noticing some other things that interest me, probably because I have never in my life seen any other Lambo except mine.See that canister with the wing nut?Is that an auxiliary oil filter?Mine has a similar canister but there"s no mention of one in my manual.I asked a few months ago about oil filters for Espada and someone gave me a part number and a vendor. When I ordered a few filters and they arrived, it didn"t take me long to figure out that they wouldn"t fit in that canister!Do you know the filter number for the canister filter? Also it looks like you have moved your voltage regulators from between the boosters.Is this true or were your regulators always on the inside of the right booster? Pictures are worth a million words of Italian! Rex


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