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[VintageLambo] Accuracy of horsepower figures.


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In a message dated 10/01/03 10:03:55 AM Pacific Standard Time, espada_guy@yahoo.com writes: Both manuals state hp "DIN", which I thought made the comparison all the more interesting. Roy - the Lambo figures are gross and the BMW figures are net. Figure a 50-60 bhp drop from gross to net - Lambo down to 300 (280 for low compression) and you wouldn"t be far wrong. BTW, when talking XJ-S, 850, etc. the 928, particularly S4 and GTS was (and surely still must be) an awsome long- distance car. I am a very big fan of true "GT" cars (and "Q-ship" sedans). I want a Jensen FF too :-) Anyone own(ed) that or a MB 300 SEL 6.3 or 450 SEL 6.9? The Jensen FF was a landmark car, with both 4WD and Maxaret anti-lock brakes, but they are heavy and a bit on the ponderous side. I own a 71 Interceptor (regular type) that is much more nimble, if you can apply such a term to somethingthat weighs even more than an Espada. My favourite Jensen (which I also own - CV8) is 700 pounds lighter (fibreglass body), and has, shall we say, distinctive styling. It is also fast. Bill


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