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[VintageLambo] Re: Accuracy of horsepower figures.


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Roy, lot"s of interesting thoughts and questions. I have a 928 S4 and as you said, the driving impression of the two cars (928 vs Espada S1) is remarkably different. The Porsche seems to get there efforlessly, with well balanced power, handling and brakes. the Espada is much more raw with the hood acreage splayed out in front of the extreme rake of the windshield. Coupled with the sound it makes above 5k makes me like the Espada more. So much so that I just sold my 928 and will be delivering it next week. Don"t get me wrong, I liked it too, but it doesn"t have the visceral feel of a GT car that I wanted. No one looked twice when I drove the 928 to work. when I take the Espada, EVERYONE wants a ride to lunch with me. As for the comparison of the speeds, 0-60 and top speed, I think it"s important to remember that wind resistance increase is equal to the square of the speed, and mechanical resistance is significantly more linear in relation to speed. So, as you move faster, the relative resistance will be more dependent on the flat plate drag (Cd), and less so on the increase in mechanical (rolling) resistance. That"s why almost all GT cars have a top speed around 140-165MPH. To get above those speeds just requires gobs of HP and very slippery body work. I drove two Jensen FFs and missed buying one by about 20 minutes. I kick myself everytime I think of it. They are ALL right hand drive, and despite the interesting AWD charteristics, it was a tuna boat compared to the Espada. Spring rates are quite soft, power steering with little feedback, overweight, and the Chrysler 727 slushomatic make it a grocery getter with good traction. It is a unique car, and that"s what tripped my fancy. I also was interested in the BMW C9 coupe. I guess brilliant minds run in the same gutter. Anyway, if you go that route, find a 3L or 3.2L CSL model, not necessarily the Batmobile with all the gew-gaws on it. they are all rusty, leak air at every joint, and noisy with the plastic windows, but great fun to throw around twisty roads. Just to go a bit more off subject, if you like these types of cars, look into an NSU TT. They are unavailable in the US, but there are a few gray market cars around. I had one in Texas, and after messing with it for a while, it drove like a slot car. Doc --- In VintageLambo@yahoogroups.com, Roy wrote: > > Bill: > > Both manuals state hp "DIN", which I thought made the comparison all the more interesting. BTW, when talking XJ-S, 850, etc. the 928, particularly S4 and GTS was (and surely still must be) an awsome long-distance car. I am a very big fan of true "GT" cars (and "Q-ship" sedans). I want a Jensen FF too :-) Anyone own(ed) that or a MB 300 SEL 6.3 or 450 SEL 6.9? > > > > > Roy > Los Angeles, California > 74 Espada #9682 > http://www.lamborghiniregistry.com/Espada/Espada3/9682.html > Lamborghini Club America member > > > --------------------------------- > >


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