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[VintageLambo] Re: Espada Brake Boosters


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--- In VintageLambo@yahoogroups.com, "Vail Frost" wrote: > Rex, > My opinion is that the leak-down you were experiencing is not enough, given the level of engine vacuum, to cause a significant brake problem. You"re right, Vail, that the leak-down doesn"t seem to cause a brake problem, just an apparent engine running problem due to lower vacuum at certain points in the power curve. In any event, I"d like to pull one of my servos apart and clean it up, even though it isn"t causing any fluid loss. Here"s my question.I"m not sure what servos I have because mine look a little different from the ones shown in the manual.The drum on each of mine is about 3 inches thick, there"s a small plastic looking filter of some sort on the top of the cylinder and the vacuum line enters in the bottom rear of the drum.Does this sound like the Girling servo or is it the Lockheed version? Also, is there a description somewhere of how the servo works and how the vacuum flows through the system?Perhaps I"m just suffering from gunk that is causing a valve to stick open.Chad Bowles mentioned a valve thingy in the servo that sometimes corrodes.Finally, I don"t see immediately how to crack open the drum to access the diaphram. It looks like the drum snaps together in the middle.I"m sure there are postings on this back somewhere.Thanks.Rex


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