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Re: [VintageLambo] Re: Brake parts interchange


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Peter, I"ve spoken to Jim on numerous occasions regarding this very subject.Jim doesn"t really like computers... therefore, I doubt that he"s gonna change any time soon-what we might be able to do is get together with a few (webmaster types) who are people from the "List" and, speak with him at the next get together / meet and show him the tremedous benifits that he is missing out on-additionaly, if he could see even a modest financial return (hey, $$$ money talks & B.S. walks!) I"d bet he"d be a lot more receptive-problem is that he seems to have an understandable "computer phobia" as he has never really used one as far as I know?!Anyone???? Jack? Bill? Roman? Glen? There must be someone? Maybe John Y? Best Regards, HLL3 >>> I bought my car through Jim"s newsletter.I just received my renewal notice for this year"s dues. I"m going to pay it, but a 4-page newsletter every 3 or 4 months just doesn"t cut it anymore, compared with the information exchange on the web. Those times that I"ve talked to Jim about getting on the internet, he seems pretty adverse to it. We need to find a way to incorporate the work he"s done and still have him make a buck. 75% of the stuff in a given issue is either opinion or reprints, but that still leaves 25% of the total being useful information. Jim was very helpful to me in finding out about Lamborghinis, for which I, if not my checkbook, am grateful. However, I think he needs to adapt or become obsolete (sort of like our cars). Jim could be an enormous asset to the list, and I think we should try to find a way to include him. I don"t know how to go about it, but I for one would be willing to pay a membership fee to be on this list. Peter <<<


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