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Re: [VintageLambo] winter idling

John Allott

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FWIW, I have a mate who USED to own a Jaguar. He ran the car in the garage every 2 weeks for around 30 minutes, until a neighbour came running in and said the garage was on fire (and the Jag as well). The cause - leaves had blown in under the car and built up around the exhausts which caught fire and the rest is history - he doesn"t own a burnt out shell anymore. Have you ever seen a grown man cry ? Cars require an air flow to help keep components cool other than motors - I am not a fan of running engines for prolonged periods of time on a stationary vehicle John jallott@albury.net.au ----- Original Message ----- From: To: Sent: Wednesday, January 01, 2003 5:07 AM Subject: [VintageLambo] winter idling > When the roads are snow and/or salt covered, and my car can"t be > driven for a month or 2, is there any value to starting it up once a > week, letting it reach full temperature, pumping the brakes a few > times, etc.?And yes, I will leave the garage door open... Pe >


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