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I"ll check but I think the boosters are original - they just look original. The boosters are still in the car.I never had to add any fluid that I can remember.Certainly none in the last six months, since I noticed the vacuum problem and disconnected the vacuum line between the manifold and the accumulator tank. --- In VintageLambo@yahoogroups.com, "lamboguy " wrote: > Hi Rex, > > I"m curious....are they Girling boosters?(I"m assuming yes.) > > Have you checked yet to see if there is brake fluid "loose" in the > vacuum diaphragm canister or "drum?"2 ways to check, one is to > shake the booster and listen (are they out of the car?) and the > second is to simply unscrew all the screws holding the vacuum > diaphragm cover on, then crack it open.If brake fluid comes out, > it"s time for a rebuild.(Watch out, this is a real messy test, you > may end up with a milk-carton"s worth full of fluid.) > > The related question...were you having to add brake fluid recently? > Did the level in the master cylinder reservoirs keep dropping? > > Regards, > > Fred


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