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Hi everyone.Now that the holidays are behind us I"ve done a few vacuum tests on my boosters and wonder if someone can interpret what I found. When I suck vacuum into the lines and accumulator tank after disconnecting the servos, the vacuum holds for quite a while with little bleeding. When I suck vacuum from the left servo I can pull maybe 5 inches in 25 pumps from a hand vacuum pump and it bleeds slowly (20-30 seconds) down to 1 inch. When I suck vacuum from the right servo, I can pull maybe 2-3 inches with 25 squeezes on a hand vacuum pump and it drops to zero in 10 seconds or less.The air being pulled out of the servos smells strongly of rubber as well. What are typical readings for tests such as these? Or should different tests be conducted to get a clear indication of the problem of excessive vacuum being lost through the brake servo system?Are both servos shot or just the right servo? Thanks for any prognostications Rex --- In VintageLambo@yahoogroups.com, "docmirror " wrote: > They do fit the Espada. Unfortunately, the one"s I thought were spares > may be going into a Urraco. I"ll know more in a few days. As for the > vacuum leak, it sound pretty big to cause backfiring. Just a guess, > but it may not be the servos. > > Check the hoses, one way check valve, and accumulator tank under the > boosters first. Don"t use pressure to test, use a vacuum pump. If all > that checks out, you might have a torn diaphram in the booster > allowing a lot of air to get by. > > Funny it only farts from the pass side. There is an equalization line > between the back of the vacuum tubes on the intake manifold. I"d look > at that too. That"s kinda hard on the carbs too, fast overpressure can > mess things up, and cause a fire in the air cleaner if it gets soaked > with fuel. > > Doc > > > > --- In VintageLambo@yahoogroups.com, "rtog01 " > wrote: > > If the boosters fit the Espada, I"d like to get in line to buy them, > > assuming the 400 GT doesn"t need them.But a quick question first. > > > > I"ve been driving for six months without any brake servos and it > > teaches one to be a defensive driver that"s for sure. > > > > The servos were working perfectly but I started to backfire out of > > the passender side.When I disconnected the servos, the backfiring > > stopped immediately.You could hook them up in the garage, rev to > > 1500 and backfire continuously, then uphook them and the car ran > > perfectly.Is this a clear symptom of a bad servo or is it more > > likely a hose failure?I realize I should have investigated this > > problem right away but I once drove a 3/4 ton 4X4 for a year with a > > power steering hose out.You get used to it.And it"s a good > excuse > > not to let anyone else take the car for spin!The last time I did > > that, she drove all through the neighborhood with the emergency > brake > > on! > > > > Rex


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