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Re: need advice on bleeding brakes - 400GT..


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--- In VintageLambo@yahoogroups.com, "aaron arnold" wrote: > Oh Fred - > > You did not think I was gonna drive it home from California!! Yes I did ! hehe...oops I drove my 400 down from SF to LA after I bought it, and I was very cautious the whole way -- eyes glued, ears at full attention. One of the thrills of my life, I still remember it clearly 20 years later. They really are good cars, and if it"s running and the brakes and gauges work...why not? (slowly...) But obviously, trailer"s the way to go. Especially when it"s been sitting for so long, and one is "powerwagon" equipped. Sounds like fun, I"m tempted to check it out myself. Drive alongside with extra Meguiar"s, Lexol and Mothers. :) Cheers, Fred


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