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Re: [VintageLambo] Re: need advice on bleeding brakes - 400GT..

aaron arnold

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Oh Fred - You did not think I was gonna drive it home from California!!It would be a blast though. I am pretty well equipped to haul, 20 Ft gooseneck + Cummins Dodge 2500 4x4 . I can get better MPG with the Lambo on trailer, than driving the Lambo alone :) However,I better weld my Muffler and Cat back on, I dont think CHP will like my straight pipe. Aaron (#0586) ----- Original Message ----- From: lamboguy To: VintageLambo@yahoogroups.com Sent: Thursday, December 12, 2002 11:46 AM Subject: [VintageLambo] Re: need advice on bleeding brakes - 400GT.. --- In VintageLambo@yahoogroups.com, "aaron arnold" wrote: > Hi Fred - > I think a set of deer whistles and a "brush guard" > like Jack"s are in order :) Lol!Aaron, meet Rex....Maybe you guys can do some sort of 4x4/lambo convoy to pull all this off.;^D Well, since we"re talking "emergency" fixes here...A non- functioning 400gt slave can be removed, cleaned up, replaced, and it should work.I"ve done this with my 400, and with that 2-ton army truck I sent you a photo of once.They"re basically the same vehicle, just rebodied. It"s a pain in the butt, but the option -- driving a thousand miles without a cluch -- is not good for the 400.Then when you get home, do it all right. The brakes?I"m not sure.You can bypass the boosters and still have brakes, but I"ve done that and you REALLY HAVE TO BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU STOP!!!!!(clear about that?That"s why all 400s have bondoed noses)Same with my old Tiger.The brakes are there, but not anything worthy of a panic stop.You"ll probably bend the brake pedal with the superhuman strength that is available to us all during our various life-threatening episodes. I"ve never had a problem with my calipers or pads or lines, so I can"t comment on that.In my case, they"ve been no problem, ever. So, maybe that"s the solution.Do a "quick and dirty" rebuild of the clutch slave (actually, and obviously, pour brake fluid in the reservoir first to see what"s happening and where the leaks are, hopefully something simple like the slave), and the same with the brakes, then wing it.Hey, we"re here online for you!Take your laptop and digital camera.Post what you find and we"ll make something up for you. I guess the bottom line is, at this point there are just too many unknowns.Some brakefluid testing is needed to see where the problems are. I don"t know, it sounds like an exciting challenge to me!Concours can be boring, it"s the panic, life-threatening situations which stick with us and build character.Don"t you think? All the best, Fred


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