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[VintageLambo] New Member ...Urraco P250S owner says hello to all !!


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Hi all, I own a 1974 P250 Urraco "S" and have recently serviced the car and overhauled the gearbox. Here are a few points of interest from my attack of the job! Car history: #15668 Sold new in New Zealand 1974 the only one ever sold in this country! There are now 4 Urraco"s in New Zealand. Two cars under major restoration and one very low mileage 11,000 mls in a private collection. *Right hand drive (does anyone know how many urraco"s were made r/h drive?) *Maroon metallic paint black leather and suede trim *Electric windows *No airconditioning (never fitted when car ordered) I have owned this car for aprox 4 years and shortly after purchase it developed a ticking noise in the differential case. Investigation revealed a broken tooth on the crownwheel and one other cracked nearly half way through! (possibly caused by sudden stopping of car during an incident or two?) The crownwheel has been professionaly welded and re ground to correct tooth profile. Only other defect which i believe is common was the diff side gear shims were missing. Have now been replaced. The engine has done only 16,000 mls since a full overhaul and I found a leaking crankshaft rear seal seemed to be made of black neoprene and was cracking all around. This was supplied by a reputable Lamborghini partss supplier in the UK! Has been replaced by an orange vitron seal. Overhaul included solid stem exhaust valve replacement, rings, bearings and later type little end bearings. I have overhauled the rear struts and had to make a new chrome shaft for one strut as it was bent also. Have been able to also repair the top strut ball mountings which are now hard to get. Machined new industrial plastic ball seats and re Tig-welded assembly back together Total mileage on the car is 68,000 mls and it is used regularly. Couple of problems exist at the moment someone may like to comment on! 1/Left rear caliper drags when driven at speed then overheats (Caliper has been overhauled was in excellent condition) I have now overhauled the brake pressure regulator, car has not been driven since seemed to be ok internally apart from a slightly bent valve seat flange on the piston? 2/An unfused circuit in the car is drawing 16 milliamps? I have checked the clock at 2ma and its not the headlight system or voltage regulator from the alternator? Suspect something to do with the ampmeter or other instriment?


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