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[VintageLambo] Noise while braking


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I have had an noise while braking that has driven me mad looking for problems with brakes etc. I have finally discovered that if the VENTILATION FAN is running, I get the noise, if it is not running, I don"t get the noise Obviously something with the fan/motor or shroud is loose. 1/. Does anybody know what sort of shock mounting is on the fan unit in a Series 3 Espada - Does it even have a resilient mount? 2/. What is the best attack method to get into the fan unit - looks like I have to almost remove the entire dash ? 3/. While the fan etc is out, is there anything else to check for in the ventilation systems 4/. I seem to remember people changing fan units for a more modern fan/motor to aid in ventilation/airconditioning. Has it helped, what was the make and model of the new unit, was it just the motor or motor and fan as a total package, any problems fitting in the new unit? Any comments/assistance greatly appreciated Thanks John


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