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RE: [VintageLambo] Re: Can I set the point gap on my distributor myself?

Robinson, Aaron

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Great explanation. I would only suggest that setting the engine to #1 20-deg before TDC (the "D" mark on the flywheel lined up with the hash mark on the bell housing) will make it easier to reinstall the dizzy in the right place. The dizzy housing is marked with a flat hash mark that corresponds to a similar hash mark on one of the rotor feet. When the engine is at #1 20-deg. BTDC (the firing point of cyl. #1) the hash marks are in alignment. It"s just a little time- and worry-saver as those hash marks are pretty precise and you"ll know instantly if you"ve mis-matched the cam-coupling splines because the hash marks will be way off. This also saves you the trouble of painting up your distributor with alignment marks, and will remind you not to put the rotor back on 180 degrees out (easy to do in the Marelli dizzy, which isn"t idiot-proof notched like, what?, 98 percent of the world"s distributors). I use a pistol grip remote starter to get the D in the window, then turn the flywheel with a screwdriver levered against the bell housing. It"s actually very easy to turn this way. AR -----Original Message----- From: docmirror [mailto:mirror@interfold.com] Sent: Friday, March 07, 2003 2:10 PM To: VintageLambo@yahoogroups.com Subject: [VintageLambo] Re: Can I set the point gap on my distributer myself? Yes, you will need a point file, gap tool in mm, 13,6mm combo wrenchs, short blade screwdriver, and grease pen. Mark dist cap on dist housing, and dist housing on cam cover. Remove 3 screws, and dist cap, and set aside CAREFULLY. Mark rotor on shaft, and note or mark position in relation to dist housing. Remove screw and rotor. Remove 6mm nuts from dist housing on ballast resistor. Remove three 13mm nuts and washers from dist housing. Gently tap housing and remove, being careful of seals and phenolic interposer. Take dist to a well lighted place. You will need to work in a confined space around the webbing of the dist cap support (you"ll see it). Open point gap very wide for all sets. Use point file with a small amount of kerosene on it to burnish the points. Clean inside with compressed air. I have used carb cleaner in there, but that"s not a recommendation. Do not use brake cleaner. Set all points to .35-.40mm. Grease the shaft with a small amount of heavy grease and recheck the gap. Installation is reverse of above, be very gentle when installing dist housing as there are lip seals inside, and make sure the spline is located correctly for rotor position. If you want to check the coils, attach a plug to the high tension wire from the coil, ground the - terminal, and breifly bounce the + terminal to a 12V source. The plug should spark. Doc --- In VintageLambo@yahoogroups.com, "forzav12" wrote: > I am going to attempt to restart the Jarama this week end. I have a > ferrari shop that will check the distributor if I bring it to them. > I really would like to try and start it this week end after I check > all of the ignition parts. My question is-can I set the points > myself? what is the gap? > Thanks again for the help


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