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[VintageLambo] Re: Espada S1 chassis plate


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Hmmm.... 7162 would put the car solidly in the 1969 model year. Curiouser and curiouser. If Aaron is right, the stamp on the frame should be the first iteration of the car. Basically, frame > chassis > drivetrain. Which would make your car production #56, but the overhead console indicates some kind of one-off deal, along with the Borranis, although they could have been added later, or special ordered when new. I originally thought it might be number 5 or 6. More accurately now I think it"s 56. That"s my story, and I"m sticking to it. For now, maybe, unless I change it later. Be careful of using the brakes unless you are sure the boosters are not leaking. The fluid that leaks past the diaphram bleed back line can get into the intake mainfold left side and wash down the lubricant from the valves and cylinders. That"s what led to the rebuild of my engine by the PO. His solution after the rebuild was to disconnect the boosters, and keep refilling the brake reservoir as he drove. Doc --- In VintageLambo@yahoogroups.com, "miura_sv " wrote: > Well, the mystery of the rest of the VIN number has been solved. My > VIN had the numbers 7162 in front of the chassis number.Turns out > there is another plate on the front passenger-side frame rail.It > was a small, red tag (about 1"x3") that read Lamborghini 400GT 7162. > It was buried under the coil, some AC hoses, and 30+ yrs of oil. > Anyone with an early Espada have this same plate?What exactly does > this number represent?Which is my S/N, the 7056 from the chassis > number (*750*0056*), or the 7162 from this other plate?Is that the > engine number?Where would I find the engine stamped? > > Thanks for all the help, > > Udo


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