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RE: [VintageLambo] Re: Espada S1 chassis plate

Robinson, Aaron

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Espadas have that plate on the frame as well. Here"s my theory: Marchesi built the frames, Bertone the bodies, and Lamborghini the powertrain. This was all before the days of kanban, keizen, and computer inventory management. Lamborghini probably sent a type-written order to Marchesi for X number of frames, with no specific chassis numbers or sequencing. Marchesi put assigned chassis number on the frame (perhaps in consultation with or at the direction of Lamborghini, maybe with no more instruction than to start it with a 7 and make it four numbers). Given Italian pride of workmanship, probably Marchesi had a free hand to number the chassis any way that suited them. Nobody has shown how an Espada chassis number correlates with Lamborghini production (in 7323, what does the 7 mean? what does the 3 mean?) but perhaps the digits mean something to a Marchesei worker. i.e. 7th project of 1968, 7=steel, box section tubes, welded in work bay number 7, whatever. Bertone read the number off the frame or its attached build sheet and hand-punched it into the body stampings when the panels were welded to the frames. Then Lamborghini punched a data plate with the model, chassis, and engine numbers once the body was shipped to Sant Agata for final assembly. Lamborghini did the upholstery work and the interior substrate panels are marked in grease pencil not with the chassis number, but with the linear build number (example: mine are marked 113 and the plant records show my car to be the 113th Espada produced). That number can also been seen stamped into the engine compartment on the opposite fender liner, no doubt because Bertone was also tracking the linear build number (in fact, Bertone"s record-keeping was probably far better than Lamborghini"s). My guess is that the Lamborghini workers counted cars in linear sequence and paid little attention to the chassis number. Perhaps it was easier for workers in the upholstery and engine shops to read 112, 113, 114 on the build sheets and match them to specific orders without error then it was to follow the incomprehensible, non-linear chassis number sequence. If a plate is missing from the S1, there should be four small rivet holes on the driver"s side front wheel-well liner just above the row of three brake lines (as has already been described). It would be very hard to miss if it was there. AR -----Original Message----- From: lamboguy [mailto:lambojambo@aol.com] Sent: Monday, February 24, 2003 12:25 AM To: VintageLambo@yahoogroups.com Subject: [VintageLambo] Re: Espada S1 chassis plate --- In VintageLambo@yahoogroups.com, "docmirror " wrote: I don"t have any more ideas > about a data plate. Maybe someone from the 400GT/Islero camp has an > idea. Doubt this will help...but on my 400gt 2+2 there"s a small plate welded to the top of the frame just to the right of the passenger- side distributor.That has the chassis number.Both the engine and chassis number can be found on a small plate riveted to the aluminum firewall "trim" -- centered, just above the motor.But that one is so obvious that you wouldn"t miss it. Good luck, Fred


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