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I used white post for the Lockheed master cyl on my Cord. It was perfection, but costly. They"ve been doing brakes for centuries. BTW, I read a post on the big list about the clutch master being off a Range Rover or some such. Could the brake master be sourced similarly? I think I"d check. One more suggestion. I redid my entire brake system and when put back together I used ATE Super Blue ($31/qt) racing fluid. It"s DOT4 type, and has the lowest hydroscopic to boil point ratio of any non- silicone fluid. So far, very good pedal feel and no leaks, or fade. Good luck, hope this helps. Doc --- In VintageLambo@yahoogroups.com, "David Fox " wrote: > I need new brake master and rather than pay $1,080 for a new one I > want a resleeve. Fred Paroutaud pointed me to: > > KarpsRon Karphttp://www.resleeve.com > Sierra Specialtyhttp://www.brakecylinder.com > Whitepost Restorations http://www.whitepost.com/brake.html > > Any experience with any of these companies? > > I just spoke to Ron Karp who was very helpful on the phone. He quoted > $50-70, plus $40 or new sealshe works in stainless rather than > brass. > > Any thoughts appreciated... > > David Fox > LP 400 Countach


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