Lamborghini Islero Information Exchange

Vol. #4 -----------------------------------------------------------Spring 1999


This beautiful and well maintained early first series Islero is in "perfect driving condition," according to the owner, who enjoys using it regularly along the Adriatic coast of Italy. What a great setting for a classic V-12. This Islero was completed 05/21/1968 and was the 22nd Islero built. Probably over half of the 225 Isleros made will make it into the 3rd Millennium.

Welcome to Issue #4 ----------------------------------------------------- Louis A. Herrin, DVM

Thank you for your interest in our Lamborghini Islero Website. This site is maintained for the interest of owners and enthusiasts, so any input or suggestions you have are very welcome. You can always reach me by e-mail.

In this issue, please consider my idea for sharing sources of obsolete parts and/or resources for their repair. I have been frustrated when something that I thought would be an easy replacement was (whoops! I hope I didn't throw it away!) not to be found. Maybe we can share such things in the interest of keeping us all running. Also, a very enthusiastic group in England is planning an Islero weekend at the old Brooklands track. See the details down the page. Down the page also is a list of the known 1st series cars and their general whereabouts. A list of the 2nd series "S" cars will be forthcoming in a future newsletter. (Sorry--I won't give out owner's names on the internet without their permission.) Hope you enjoy the pictures here and perhaps can help me identify the mystery car at the bottom.

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A typical engine compartment of an Islero, featuring 2 distributors, 4 cams, 6 two-throat Weber carbs, and 12 cylinders. Power was reported at 320 bhp and weight at 2700 lbs, however, actual weight was probably closer to 3200 lbs. None-the-less, an Islero can get up and go and can do it all day. #6096, pictured here, has been on many cross country trips and rides like a low flying aircraft. Under those neat air cleaners are 12 velocity stacks.

Owner Assistance Notice: I am trying to compile a list of parts that you are having trouble finding or are having to have made. In the future issues of this newsletter, I'll list what I can and any tips on where to find them or have them made or fixed. Please e-mail me with your parts concerns or tips.

Here is another beautifully maintained first series Islero. This one lives in Arizona, USA. It was the 59th example constructed and has been shown at the Concours Italiana where it was admired by none other than Mrs. Lamborghini and daughter. The serial numbers were assigned on the basis of every 3rd number starting with 6000. They were used somewhat haphazardly and certainly not in exact order of production. Towards the end of the second series "S" production, several glitches in numbering took place. The numbering and description of the finished bodies arriving from Marazzi, however, were carefully recorded and when matched with the serial numbers assigned, gives a pretty accurate production history for the 225 Isleros.

Notice: Paul Cox has organized a group of English Islero owners and enthusiasts and is planning an Islero get-together with their cars at the Brooklands Race Track in England. The meet will be in conjunction with an historic race event featuring Italian cars the weekend of June 26th. Possibly as many as 9 Isleros may show, probably the greatest number in one place ever!! Anyone interested may click here to contact Paul Cox by e-mail.

Near perfect in every respect, this Islero which was originally sold in Rome in December 1968, has been owned by several enthusiasts in the USA. It was completely restored in Oregon and now lives in Florida. A picture of its engine was featured in a previous edition of this newsletter.

Don't forget, the Lamborghini Owner's Club is a great source of information and news. Subscribing to Jim Kaminski's newsletter has certainly increased my enjoyment of my Islero experience. Contact:

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Please Help!!!-----This late 1st series Islero had come to the USA in the late '80s from South Africa. It changed hands several times before disappearing in the area of New York City in about 1994. Please e-mail me with any leads you know of as I would very much like to visit with the owner and record its interesting history. Besides the unusual color, it should be easy to identify by the extra headlight cut into the grill below the bumper.