Lamborghini Islero Information Exchange

Vol. #3 --------------------------------------------------Fall 1998

Welcome to Issue #3----------------------------------------------------------Louis A. Herrin, DVM

Thanks to all of you for your interest in the previous issues of this web page. Many of you have responded with information and several Isleros that were not known to still exist have been found. A few cars changed owners and many are being restored at this time.

I still continue to collect information and history on the Islero production and ownership, as I've been doing for the past 10 years. I'm glad to help any owners with historical information on their cars, as this type of information can only help with one's appreciation and driving pleasure.

So if you are an Islero owner, have any knowledge of any interesting Islero history, or can refer me to any owners past or present, I would certainly like to hear from you. You can always reach me at my business or by e-mail:

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Notes and News (some of it 30 years old)

The Islero pictured above won the Lamborghini First Place Award at the Italian Happening in Detroit, Michigan, over Labor Day weekend, 1998. The Italian Happening is in its 20th year and is a great get together of Italian cars and motorcycles of all makes. This year it was held at the Edsel Ford estate. 20 years ago it was held less formally in an enthusiast's back yard--and the same yellow Islero was present that year also, and owned by the same person, Chuck VandenBerg!

The Lamborghini Islero is now 30 years old, as the prototipo body was delivered from the coach builder, Marazzi, on February 6, 1968, and the last of the series of 125 cars was being completed around the Christmas season of the same year. The first Islero-S bodies were delivered to the factory near the end of January, 1969, but that is a subject to write about next year. Following are additional pictures of some of the surviving first series Isleros.

If you are an Islero owner, I would strongly urge you to become a member of Jim Kaminski's Lamborghini Owner's Club as he puts out a great newsletter and is a great source for maintenance manuals, wiring diagrams, memorabilia, and other valuable tidbits. His address is:

Lamborghini Owner's Club
P.O. Box 7214
St. Petersburg, Florida 33734


Islero #6342, completed by the factory December 12, 1968, was sold to a lady member of the royal family of Spain. Due to the shortness of the lady and the long distance to the Islero's foot pedals, she had had wooden blocks fastened to the pedals so she could reach them. This being an unhappy driving arrangement, she stored the car for 20 years. A collector located and purchased the Islero in 1985 and flew it aboard a 747 to the USA, where it was found to have less than 3,000 kms on it's meter. Its like-new mechanical condition was verified and at present it is being enjoyed as a very original and fine running example.


Islero #6315 was a one owner car for 30 years, living with and being enjoyed by a doctor in California until 1998. In good driving condition, its now in Oregon.



Also in the Northwest, USA, is #6288. The owner has enjoyed driving it across the country and keeps is in excellent condition. Its great seeing these older V-12s being driven and enjoyed.

Hope you enjoyed this page! ---------------------------------------------------------