Lamborghini Islero Information Exchange

Vol. #1 (Prototipo) ----------------- Fall-Winter 1996-97

Lamborghini 3929 cc V-12 engine restored by Carl Webb for Islero #6267.

Welcome to the homepage dedicated to the Islero owner and/or enthusiast. This page is maintained and updated by Lou Herrin, who may be reached at the following e-mail address:

This homepage is for those who own or are interested in the Lamborghini Islero, the bodies of which were constructed by Marazzi during the years 1968-1969. In all, 225 cars were constructed in two series. Many are known to still exist and a few are regularly driven. Always a controversial design, these cars were both an evolution of the original Lamborghini GT concept and also a contrast to the company's more flamboyant models.

Islero information may be discussed by sending e-mail to me at the above address. As historian for this project, I welcome any interesting material such as vehicle history, location and condition of cars, whether your car has wire wheels, air conditioning, sun roof, modifications, etc. In return, I may be able to answer some historical questions about your individual car, or possibly help with other information about the Islero. I am not in the car business in any financial way. I am a veterinarian by profession and this Islero project is a long term hobby. I have met many interesting people and hope to continue collecting useful information and making it accessible to those interested.

  • Fact for Fall/96----The English aviator who fired the torpedoes that sank the Bismarck and was knighted for his efforts, was an original owner of an Islero-S and drove the car regularly for 25 years until his death last year.

As time goes on and as this web page develops and is updated, I will try to expand the links section and to rotate the picture file. So please excuse the "under construction" nature of this initial edition.

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