Lamborghini Islero Information Exchange

For Sale

Isleros that may be available for sale are included here. Prices are between you and the seller. I will try to help provide an introduction if needed. If you have an Islero for sale and would like to announce it here, please let me know. I am describing these cars only as they have been described to me and am not guaranteeing their condition or details. If you do make contact with any of these owners and cars, please send me a descriptive note and picture if possible for our Islero history archives. Thank you very much in advance and e-mail me at

Islero #6117 -- Black with brown interior, recent full restoration, Sweden, phone +46 40267974

Islero #6135 -- White with black interior. For sale by Lamborghini dealer in Bonn, Germany

Islero #6138 -- Light green with tobacco interior. France. e-mail:

Islero #6159 -- Black primer with light tan interior. California. email:

Islero #6204 -- Black with cream interior. In many Lambo books. Anthony Rothray (414) 351-1521

Islero #6231 -- Red with light tan interior. For sale in Florida. Call Luciano Sanzogni (941) 756-4874

Islero #6267 -- Red with tobacco interior. Contact Mike Williams at:

Islero #6273 -- Red with tan interior. Recently refurbished in England. Fax 44-1767-601986.

Islero #6417 -- Moss Green. For sale at a dealer in Cologne, Germany, or thru

Islero #6480 -- Dark Blue. For sale at a dealer near Frankfurt, Germany

Islero #6507 -- Dark bronze with tan interior. Project. Belgium. Serge at

Manuals, Wiring Diagrams, Parts Books -- Jim Kaminski, phone (727) 823-3536

Islero Sales Brochures -- Full color reproductions of original, George Clark, (805) 927-4787