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This is John Steacie's Islero, #6303, which he and his family have owned since 1975. He has been restoring it since 1997 and at this time it is back on the road. He outlines his restoration with its ups and downs on his excellent web page, Please be sure to check out the very interesting story and great pictures there. Included is a picture of the Stebro stainless exhaust that he installed. Very interesting.


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Introduction to Issue #12
Islero News and Pictures
Tech Article -- Refurbishing Your Oil Pan
Listing of Known Isleros
Some Interesting Links


Introduction to Issue #12-----------------------------------------------------------------------Louis A. Herrin, DVM


Welcome to our 12th edition of the Islero newsletter. I hope you will find it interesting, especially the pictures that owners and enthusiasts have sent me. 2004 has been a very interesting year. Many Isleros have changed hands (at least a dozen) and there seems to be far more interest in the model than there was several years ago. Cars are being restored and sold to owners who are enjoying them rather than storing them away. This interest has seen an increase in Islero values. Also many have shown well at Italian car meets and festivals.

Much of this new interest is due to a general increase in accessibility to information, pictures, and resources on the Internet. Who of you readers/owners have not checked out an Italian part on eBay? Who has not done a Google search for some Lamborghini subject? Who of you has not exchanged information with a fellow owner by e-mail? Pretty cool isn't it? It wasn't long ago that if you needed some obscure piece of information or part, you were sunk!

Ownership of an Islero is a real adventure. But is doesn't stop with restoration and driving pleasure. It is a great open door to a whole culture of Italian machinery, organized events, camaraderie, and challenge. Get involved in your hobby -- join a Yahoo Group such as the Vintage Lamborghini Garage, participate in some events such as the excellent ones put on by the Lamborghini Owners Club, the Lamborghini Club America, or the regional gatherings such as the Le Belle Macchine D' Italia, the Concorso D' Italia in Detroit, or the Italian Happening.

Speaking of the Pocono event, check out the web site ,which tells about the past and future events. 2006 is to be a special year for us as it will commemorate the Islero, and as many as possible are encouraged to come. Contact Joe Corbaccio, also an Islero owner, through the web site for details.

I have tried to include below some of the pictures that you have sent to me with news of your cars. Forgive me if I have left some out as it was not intentional. I certainly value all that you send me and keep them safe in the archives.


Another picture of #6303, John Steacie's beautiful Islero. Now, go visit his web site,, (I'll wait), as it is a testament to stick-to-it-iv ness and overcoming runs of bad luck. The results of his work are definitely stunning!

As I am trying to maintain this web page for the benefit of all, please keep the info coming. E-mail me at


Lou Herrin

PS.-- To send pictures or information by regular mail, please send them to me at:

Louis A. Herrin, DVM
Herrin Animal Hospital
2712 E. Lincoln
Bloomington, Illinois 61704

Note: Past issues of this web site are available for viewing on David Hanley's excellent site at:

Note: The Lamborghini Owner's Club is a great source of information and news. Subscribing to Jim Kaminski's newsletter will certainly increase your enjoyment of your Islero experience. This is a great source for manuals, wiring diagrams, and other Isleromobilia. Jim also has original sales brochures for the Islero and Islero S.

Jim Kaminski/Lamborghini Owner's Club
P.O. Box 7214
St .Petersburg, Florida 33734 USA
Fax (727) 392-3474

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Islero News


Islero #6201, owned by Paul vonHeeder of Texas. This Islero was originally owned by Ferruccio himself and has some custom touches that are ascribed to him, such as a wooden gas cap (supposedly because of his love of boating), quilted interior panels, and high compression engine. Paul has purchased the car and put it right after many years of storage.


Another picture of #6201. These were taken on the golf course at the Concorso Italiano, in conjunction with the Pebble Beach festivities. Photos are courtesy of the owner.


Joe Corbaccio's Islero, #6243, was in storage in Switzerland and now is being enjoyed and refurbished. Joe is one of the organizers of the Le Belle Macchine D' Italia at the Pocono Race Track meet each July. Contact him through the web site for information. Photo courtesy of Jay Molis.


Jorrit Klaus has acquired this beautiful Islero, #6027. This is a very early series I Islero, the sixth made, completed April 17, 1968. Note the bright metal trim below the door. This is similar to the prototype, #6000. Other Isleros have a thin metal strip under the doors. Photos of this Islero are courtesy of the owner.


Here is a great picture of #6027's interior. Note that the dash has never been cut for a radio. The hang-under-the-dash air conditioning (Borletti) was factory original on less than half of the cars produced. The color of the interior was called senape in Italian, which means mustard color. This was the most common color used for the leather. If you do not spot a heater control, its because its just a faucet handle up under the dash where the driver can feel it with practiced hands if he is lucky.


Yes, I finally got my engine back together and #6096 back on the road. No, I don't drive without the air cleaners. As cool as it looks without them, the engine runs very poorly if they are not in place.


This Islero is in the Lamborghini Factory Museum. #6330 is a late series I Islero, identified by the round side marker lights evident in this view. It looks like the factory has a hard time adjusting the two pop up headlights to close evenly, just like the rest of us. Photo credit and copyright belong to Marcel de Lange. His pictures have often graced this newsletter.


Originally sold in Switzerland, #6558 is now in Holland. The Miura wheels have been replaced by Borrani wires, but the color is still faithful to the original. The engine and drive train have been completely overhauled by Dutch specialist Italauto. Photo courtesy of Anton van Luijk.

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- Tech Topics -

All tech articles and pictures copyright Louis A. Herrin, DVM


Refurbishing Your Oil Pan

I am making a pitch to take down your oil pans and clean out the debris inside. Corruption abounds there and it is fairly easy to drop the pan and freshen things up. You might find nuts and bolts, bearing pieces, failed gaskets or just about anything else unexpected in there. Also it's a great time to check the underside of your crank and the oil pump. Among other things, I found that my oil pump pickup was almost entirely clogged.

After jacking the car up, you will find that all the oil pan nuts are somewhat accessible except for the two at the rear that are in the flywheel housing. Look again. There are two holes just to either side at the bottom of the flywheel housing. You can just insert your hex socket, on an appropriate extension, and engage those rear nuts.

This is the typical appearance of, what could be, a beautiful oil pan after about 35 years of use. Note the cracks in the pan gasket which cause oil to drip down through the holes below the flywheel. This often might be misdiagnosed as a failed rear engine seal. Also there is a large amount of sludge and debris that accumulates in your oil pan. (Yuck!)

After cleaning thoroughly, you may wish to bead blast and repaint your oil pan. Note the details that show up, such as the hand cut arrow for lining up the timing marks on the flywheel. The two large round holes allow access to the two rear oil pan attachment nuts.

As the aluminum alloy casting is fairly porous, use Glyptal engine interior paint to coat the inside of the pan, which seals everything very well. This is available from Eastwood or other automotive or restoration suppliers.

Also inspect and repair the windage tray. Always use new gaskets with a small coating of Hylamar non-hardening gasket dressing. Do not use a huge glob of RTV or similar that can squeeze out and cause obstructions of the oil pick up screen or other vital areas.

After taking the time to do this project, I would bet you found several things to set right and that you are glad you did it.


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This section includes information submitted to this site that pertains to Isleros that may be useful to other owners or enthusiasts. I am glad to include Isleros for sale as long as you send me a picture to print along with your description and as long as you let me know at least every 6 months that you want it continued. Send a short description and the contact information you want so someone can get hold of you. By listing a car here, I am in no way guaranteeing it or acting other than as an information board. If you have an Islero for sale and would like to announce it here, or any other item of interest to Islero owners, please e-mail me.

Islero #6507 -- Dark bronze with tan interior. Project. Belgium. Serge at

Manuals, Wiring Diagrams, Parts Books -- Jim Kaminski, fax (727) 392-3474

Islero Sales Brochures -- Full color reproductions of original, George Clark, (805) 927-4787

Islero Sales Brochures -- New, original, sales brochures. Jim Kaminski, fax (727) 392-3474

Please let me know if any of this information changes, cars are sold, or you have any other input.


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Here is a good Islero turn out at a Dutch Italian car meet this year. Picture courtesy of Marcel de Lange. Hopefully, there will be a great turnout of Isleros at the 2006 Le Belle Macchine D' Italia at Pocono. Previously, the 5 Islero turnout at the Brooklands Italian Day in England in June, 1999, was the record number of Isleros together since on the production line at the factory.


Islero Survivors: Ongoing research since December, 1987, has turned up the following Isleros. Since I have been locating Isleros and updating the history on them, I've found 132 cars of the 225 built, plus about 10 more that I know exist, but need serial number identification to be included on the chart here. Please contact me with corrections and additions. Feel free to e-mail me anytime.

Chart Last Updated --- 11/28/2004

#6000 -- Germany  #6231 -- California/USA #6462 -- Scotland 
#6015 -- Spain   #6234 -- Germany #6471 -- Switzerland
#6021 -- Idaho/USA  #6240 -- Sweden #6477 -- Colorado/USA
#6027 -- Holland #6243 -- Pennsylvania/USA #6480 -- Germany 
#6036 -- England  #6246 -- England #6483 -- Japan
#6039 -- Calif./USA  * (1991) #6249 -- Denmark #6489 -- Holland
#6042 -- Ohio/USA  #6261 -- Spain * (1971) #6495 -- Holland
#6051 -- Colorado/USA  #6264 -- Portugal #6498 -- Italy 
#6057 -- California/USA  #6267 -- Florida/USA  #6507 -- Belgium/Italy
#6066 -- Missouri/USA  #6270 -- California/USA  #6510 -- Holland * (date unk)
#6069 -- Italy  #6273 -- England  #6522 -- France * (1990) 
#6075 -- Germany  #6279 -- Virginia/USA  #6525 -- Japan
#6078 -- Canada  #6282 -- North Carolina/USA #6531 -- Arizona/USA
#6084 -- Denmark  #6288 -- Washington/USA #6537 -- Switzerland
#6090 -- France  #6300 -- Belgium #6543 -- Switzerland
#6096 -- Illinois/USA  #6303 -- Canada  #6546 -- Virginia/USA * (1985)
#6099 -- France #6312 -- Wisc./USA * (1988) #6552 -- France * (1990) 
#6102 -- Illinois/USA * (1985)  #6315 -- Texas/USA #6555 -- Sweden
#6105 -- Germany * (1992)  #6318 -- Wisconsin/USA  #6558 -- Holland
#6108 -- England  #6327 -- Louisiana/USA #6561 -- Switzerland
#6111 -- France #6330 -- Italy  #6564 -- England 
#6117 -- Sweden #6336 -- Switzerland   #6573 -- Italy * (1994) 
#6126 -- Holland  #6342 -- California/USA #6576 -- Canada
#6129 -- Wisconsin/USA  #6351 -- Germany * (1993)  #6579a-- Italy
#6135 -- Germany  #6354 -- France #6579b-- France
#6138 -- France #6357 -- Germany #6582 -- Switzerland
#6150 -- Switzerland #6360 -- California/USA  #6585 -- Switzerland
#6156 -- England  #6366 -- Maryland/USA  #6588 -- North Carolina/USA
#6159 -- California/USA  #6369 -- Calif./USA * (1991) #6594 -- Switzerland
#6165 -- Switzerland #6378 -- Japan #6597 -- Japan
#6174 -- Sweden #6387 -- France #6606 -- Holland 
#6177 -- Holland  #6393 -- Sweden  #6612 -- England 
#6180 -- Arizona/USA #6399 -- Switzerland #6618 -- Switzerland * (1992)
#6183 -- Florida/USA * (1993) #6402 -- Holland #6621 -- California/USA
#6186 -- Virginia/USA * (1990)  #6408 -- Canada  * (1989)  #6628 -- Switzerland
#6189 -- Australia  #6411 -- N.Y./USA * (1991) #6634 -- Switzerland
#6192 -- Canada  #6417 -- Germany  #6643 -- California/USA
#6198 -- Minnesota/USA #6429 -- Holland #6652 -- California/USA *(1970)
#6201 -- Texas/USA #6435 -- England  #6655 -- Switzerland
#6204 -- Washington/USA #6438 -- Australia  #6659 -- Switzerland
#6207 -- N. Mex./USA * (1989) #6441 -- Australia * (1975) #6665 -- Germany
#6210 -- Florida/USA #6444 -- Italy * (1969) #6668 -- Italy 
#6213 -- Italy * (1968)  #6447 -- Indiana/USA #6674 -- Austria * (1995)
#6222 -- Belgium #6453 -- France  
#6225 -- Switzerland * (date unk)    

Copyright Louis A. Herrin, DVM. -- Copys of this chart or research information not permitted without written permission.

* Some history known, but status and whereabouts unknown at the present time. (With date last seen)
* Crashed, or otherwise destroyed and lost, with presumably no remains. (With approximate date)

Following is a partial list of other Isleros thought to exist as cars or as parts. I would love to hear any news of them.

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Here is yours truly, the author, cleaning out the trunk of #6096 before a few laps around Waterford Track, Michigan. This is the track event in conjunction with the Italian Happening each Labor Day.


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