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1978 LHD Silhouette 

Chassis Number 40070 is this US market Blu car with Natural  interior, currently believed to be residing in USA .

It is fitted with engine number 40070.

And is number 37 of 56 of a limited series of cars.

It has the following modifications from the standard european model on offer at the time of manufacture: restored White with new interior.

Other Information: Test Date:22/10/78, Sold by Dealer: SEA, Rome on 14/11/78, Damaged in collision,Exported to USA,

for sale on ebay.com at $72,990 on 27Jan13

has been featured in the book The Complete Book of Lamborghini by Peter Lyons and has a great history. It sold new to an Arab prince in the Middle East and later sold to a gentleman in Los Angeles who disassembled and imported it into America as a parts car (hence the rebuilt title) as the Silhouette was never produced for the U.S. market and thus was not EPA/DOT approved at the time. Upon arriving in the U.S., the mechanic-owner reassembled the car, got it running in top condition, and owned the car for approximately 7 years before selling it to another gentleman who owned it 20 years until 2012. The current owner has decided to change the focus of is collection, which creates a rare opportunity for a Lamborghini enthusiast. With only 15,738 miles, this is likely not only one of the lower mileage examples in existence, but also likely one of the most pristine cosmetically in existence. Below is a detailed description illustrating how pristine this Silhouette is in all aspects:

Exterior: The previous owner subjected the body to a top-quality complete Glasurit repaint approximately 15 years ago. The paint remains in the concourse condition it was in when it won its class at Concourso Italiano as it has been carefully preserved and driven approximately only 2,000 miles since that time. The exterior trim is also in pristine condition and there is no rust. The original Campagnolo magnesium Bravo wheels are also pristine and feature correct decals. An online portfolio of 88 photos that illustrate how spectacular the condition is available to interested parties who provide me with their email address.

Interior: The carpet, headliner, leather seats, mouse-hair dash, instrumentation, interior trim, seatbelts, switchgear, and period-correct Alpine am/fm cassette stereo are in such a pristine state that entering the car makes one feel as though they are back in 1978. The air conditioning, power windows, and all electrical items are fully functional.

Engine/Transmission: The original transversely mounted 3.0 liter all aluminum-alloy Lamborghini engine idles exceptionally steady and pulls aggressively and smoothly throughout the entire RPM range during acceleration. The engine has been fastidiously detailed and leaks no fluids. The transmission is very tight and shifts smoothly into all gears.

Valuable Extras: The long-term owner’s obsession with preserving this Silhouette is evidenced by the large number of original NOS and spare parts he accumulated and saved with the car to ensure there would have replacements available if ever needed. Included is an original pair of Pirelli P7 285/40/15 rear tires, an a/c compressor, a window regulator, several carburetor parts, gaskets, ignition parts, oil filters, and many other items.


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