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1971  Miura P400 SV

Chassis Number 4878 is this Oro met.(gold) no. 2-443-239 car with Nero Leather interior, currently believed to be residing in FR .

It is fitted with engine number 30644.

It has the following modifications from the standard european model on offer at the time of manufacture: Now Red.

Other Information: Production Number 626 Build Date: 21.5.71 Dealer VOITURES PARIS MONCEAU for sale, GTC July 97, supposedly 1 of 5 SVJs. For sale at Bonhams Auction house - The unique car you see here is one of the most historic of all Lamborghinis. During its heyday from 1966 to 1972, the Miura represented the state-of-the-art in performance motoring and was arguably the world s first supercar. It is certainly the model that put Lamborghini on the map and, significantly, was the world s first true series mid-engined road car.As was often the case with small luxury car manufacturers before the days of standardisation, customers could order bespoke automobiles if they were in favour with the factory and had deep enough pockets to fund their whims. Lamborghini was no exception and without doubt the most sought-after cars ever made by the Sant Agata firm in four decades of production was the very small series of SVJ models constructed on the SV chassis.These were visually inspired by the one-off Jota model built in 1969 by factory test driver and development engineer Bob Wallace, largely in his spare time, as a possible FIA Appendix J racing contender. Sadly the Jota was sold to a wealthy client during one of the factory s frequent economic crises and was destroyed in a road accident soon afterwards, but not before several other VIPs who had seen it at the factory had requested look-alikes.Four SVJ models were thus built as new featuring the chin spoiler, added air intakes, single windscreen wiper and riveted bodywork of the original Jota, but featuring standard SV mechanics. A further two cars were built to the order of clients who preferred the standard bodywork of the SV but wanted the Jota mechanical specification, notably including dry sump lubrication and a limited slip differential. One of these two latter cars was destroyed in a testing accident and immediately rebuilt with SVJ bodywork. The other is the car presented here.Chassis 4878 was constructed to the order of French industrialist Jacques Dembiermont, who lived in Paris but had foundries in the North of France and a villa in Cap Ferrat. He was also a cousin of Ferrari racing driver Pierre Noblet. Both shared a family passion for fast cars but Dembiermont s father forbade him from racing.The original factory invoice for 4878, a copy of which accompanies the car, shows options which include metallic paint, steering lock, seat belts, leather interior, antifreeze and even a charge for customs paperwork. The internal factory build sheet shows Lavori Speciali (special works) and specifies Attention! Fit special engine Ing. Stanzani (ask Bob). The car was finished on 31st May 1971 in a typical period shade of gold with black upholstery.In fact Monsieur Dembiermont had already owed two Miuras: a P400 and an S, which he used to travel between Paris, his factories in Haumont and Cap Ferrat, accumulating 60,000 km with each car. Both had been driven fast, and both had suffered lubrication problems from the shared engine/ gearbox oil. For this demanding client who clearly had not only driving experience but also engineering knowledge, the factory built a special Miura. In a fax dated 1st August 2002, Bob Wallace recalls: This car was built with the original Miura Jota engine but using standard SV cylinder heads and carbs. I remember the customer well- very intelligent and nice person. Car worked very well and did a lot of kms without any problems.Monsieur Dembiermont obviously liked his Miura SV hot rod as he drove it a great deal, having recorded over 60,000 km when he returned it to the factory in 1977 for a complete overhaul and colour change to red.Nephew and historic racer Gregory Noblet recalls: I remember one trip as a young passenger, from Haumont to St. Jean Cap Ferrat at night, without motorways, in 8 hours. We reached speeds you wouldn t believe.Dembiermont finally sold his special SV after nearly 10 years of ownership, a long time for someone who could afford the latest car from an<.

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1971MiuraP400 SV 1971MiuraP400 SV


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