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1971 LHD Miura P400 SV

Chassis Number 4806 is this Giallo car with Nero  interior, currently believed to be residing in Germany .

It is fitted with engine number 30592.

The vehicle appears in the following publications: Box / Crump Book.

It has the following modifications from the standard european model on offer at the time of manufacture: Rebuilt in 1972; Factory Mods 1976 SVJ, painted Yellow.

Other Information: Production Number 619 Build Date: 14.6.71 Dealer H. HAHNE rebuilt as Production Number 716 Build Date: 28.4.72 Dealer GRAHESER GERMANIA Completed for German dealer Hubert Hahne for supply to Armin Johl. Has some SVJ modifications.

-June 1971. A first car S/N 4806 Bertone # 619 red/black is delivered to Jürgen Gräser resident of Saarbrücken /Germany .
Jürgen came personnally to Sant Agata to take delivery of his new mount.

For information Mister Gräser already was an afficionado of Lamborghini as he used to own a black painted Miura S before he got his new SV.

-Late June/ early July 1971 Mister Gräser wrecks his new red car after only two days of possession, the reason being the rear wheels locked unexpectabily when he was drivring at rather high speed!
The report put the finger on the gearbox which apparentely self locked with no other reason than a faulty assembly.
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-1971 The wreck is sent back to Lamborghini and a new SV, the current S/N 4806 ,this time finished with a color combination of Miura Yellow (light orange) with black upholstery is ordered and delivered to Germany about ten months later !.
This new car Bertone # 716 ,delivered April 28 1972, was a brand new Miura SV (with safety lock on the steering column) forcasted as S/N 5034 which for an unknown reason was re-christened with S/N 4806 and same engine number # 30592.
When I say "unknown reason " one has to understand that the car was first registered in Germany May 26 1972 as a brand new car and not as a rebuilt car ???? Why call this brand new car S/N 4806 again, I have no idea !!!

-Mr Gräser kept the car for about a year before Hubert Hahne, then the German importer for lamborghini, sold to Mr Gräser the SVJ s/n 4860 that he had registred SB-DT 472 (SB means Saarbrücken). His third SV in a row!
Later on, Jürgen started buying Ferrari(s).

-From 1973 to Autumn 1975, s/n 4806 is owned by a gentleman in Köln.

-Autumn 1975, Mister Günter Kalthoff of Garmisch Partenkirchen buys s/n 4806 and registers it GAP V 12 (GAP= Garmisch Partenkirschen).
At that time the car had about 35,000.KMS so Mr Kalthoff decided to have it fully reconditionned and modified at Lamborghini. As Gunter was already a Lamborghini fan, he knew how deal with the people at Santa Agatha.

-Spring 1976.Mr Kalthoff delivered the car to "assistenza clienti" with Remo Vecchi asking for a full rebuilt on the mechanical side and a SVJ look on the body side. He also asked for the car to be painted in red.

-Autum 1976, some six months later, Gunter, back at Santa Agatha takes a few pictures of his newly modified mount including one depicting a proud Remo Vecchi standing next to S/N 4806 and an other one showing a certain Valentino Balboni topping up the fuel tank.The car is now all red with full SVJ look but for the holes behind the wheels .

-Spring 1977 Gunter is back at Lamborghini with S/N 4806 for fine tunning and takes a picture next to the new Cheetah prototype.

-December 23-1978, Mr Kalthoff sells the car for DM 56.000.- to Piet Roeloff, the Dutch dealer and this is the reason the car bore a German number on the front clip (GAP V 12)and a professional Dutch one on the rear bonnet (29-01-FH) when Rob de la Rive Box pictured it for his book "Lamborghini catalogue raisonné".

-Early 1979. Piet Roeloffs sells S/N 4806 in turn to German Armin Johl who again commissionned Lamborghini to build a "hot engine" for his car. As Mr Johl was a luxury luggage manufacturer, he was meticulous about details and ordered a full refurbishment of the car including upholstery which was made at Lamborghini again by Bruno Paratelli in beige/off white leather.
At that time the car gained a special plate on thedriver's sill " costruzione speciale per l'amico Armin Johl. I lavoratori della Lamborghini Auto".

C. 1981 Armin, then president of the German Lamborghini Club, wins the Bad Neuenhar concours d'élégance with s/n 4806 .

C. 1988 Armin sells the car to the famed Kremer brothers .

C,1988 S/N 4806 is sold to south German Collector Hans Bauling.
Hans Bauling used to own an other Miura SV at the same time (S/N 5008) and kept S/N 4806 for about 15 years in safe storage without driving it.

-December 2003 the Miura is sold to the current owner.

-June 2005. Car is taken apart and fully restored from A to Z, saving only the magnificent Paratelli's manufactured interior. Engine and gearbox are rebuilt by Edmont Ciclet who was chief mechanic at Automobiles Paris-Monceaux, the french Lamborghini importer, from 1967 to 1974 and has been specialising in Lamborghini since then.The chassis body unit was sandblasted and all possible details were looked after.

-May 2006. S/N 4806 takes part to the "Miura tour" .But for its Orange livery and standard front wheels in place of the 7 inches, it looks the same as when Gunter Kalthoff drove it through the gate of Lamborghini Santa Agata back in 1976.

I hope my explanation and pictures will fully explain S/N 4806 history.The reason I'm so well documented about my car's former history is when I decided to buy my second SV, I wanted something special but made at Lamborghini. I therefore exchanged letters with Gunter Kalthoff before buying s/n 4806 to make sure it was all OK. From then, I reached or met each S/N 4806 owner including Hubert Hahne the former german importer..

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Information on this car was sourced from Paul Clemence / Steve Robertson / Raymond Stofer.

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