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1968 LHD Miura P400

Chassis Number 3883 is this US market Oro metallic car with Black/white  interior, .

It is fitted with engine number 2923.

Other Information: Production Number 310 Build Date: 27.3.69 Dealer SILVERA Haiti

This Lamborghini was acquired from the estate of Papa Doc Duvalier (the
dictataor of Haiti) complete with the original sales papers signed by Mr.
Lamborghini from Moderna Moters in NYC. While the car was in my
possession (it belonged to my employer) it was painted gold (It had to be
repainted with the original Dessler paint as it was damaged in transit
when it came loose and nudged the Espada which was also purchased at the
same time. I believe that I sold the car to someone from Hawaii. The
Espada which I do not remember the serial number of was sold the the
owners of Highland Appliance in Taylor MIchigan. I notice the reference
to Silvera in Haiti. Mt Silvera was the person from whom the car was
acquired through. The car had only about 3500 miles on it whan it was
acquired, I believe in 1972.

Gold Pictures circa 1972.

Restored in 2010's, now painted Blu Notte.
It won the Phil Hill restorers award at Amelia Island Concourse 2019. .

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