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1968 LHD Miura P400

Chassis Number 3691 is this Italian market Bianco Acrilico car with Gobi Leather interior, currently believed to be residing in Germany, previously Italy .

It is fitted with engine number 2266.

Other Information: Production Number 257 Build Date: 12. 8.68 Dealer ITALCAR GIORDANI
Body number 357

for sale by RM Sothebys Villa Erba Auction on 20May23, estimate €1.3-1.5m

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Chassis 3691 is a beautiful example of a late first-generation Miura P400, tastefully specified in Bianco Acrilico with a complementary Gobi interior. A home market example assigned production number 257, the Miura was delivered to its first owner on 12 August 1968 via Bolognese Lamborghini concessionaire, Italcar Ferretti. The car is believed to have remained in Italy until 2012, when it was acquired by the consignor. In June 2014, a restoration was commissioned at Marchesi & C. S.r.l of Modena, as detailed in an accompanying invoice amounting to €34,160. In 2019, Società Carrozzai Nonantola S.r.l was engaged to paint and assemble the car at a cost of €30,000..

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Information on this car was sourced from Miura Register.ch.

for more details of this car for sale on 19/05/2023 refer to https://rmsothebys.com/en/auctions/VE23/Villa-Erba/lots/r0053-1968-Lamborghini-Miura-P400-by-Bertone/1345941?&utm_source=rmsothebys.com&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=CORP23&utm_term=Apr20-2023&_cldee=E8KSg3g5guK5kAIL4n2lvlPenhhRoLVQBa6B43qp0ZNo-pFNjpwLZ-o

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