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1967  Miura P400

Chassis Number 3051 is this Rosso car with Nero  interior, .

It is fitted with engine number 1184.

Other Information: Production Number 36 Build Date: 7.7.67 Dealer ARUTUNOFF U. S. A.. 1967- Owner ordered Miura after seeing chassis at 65 Turin Salon: they told me $12,700 but it was only $12,300! Ordered (around) no. 7 but got (around) no. 21- debugging the early ones...Then there was a dinner trip across Modena with Bob Wallace. Sidelights only, 100kph, flash hibeams at intersections. Memories! 9/2002- Car reported in France..

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Information on this car was sourced from miura register.com.

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