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1967 LHD Miura P400

Chassis Number 3033 is this Rosso car with Nero Leather interior, .

It is fitted with engine number 1148.

Other Information: Production Number 29 Build Date: 20. 6.67 Dealer CRIVELLARI BOTTACIN. 1967- Sold new by dealer in North Eastern Italy. Later- In USA for many years, wrecked. Late 1980s- Sold via dealer Julius Thurgood to UK Miura guru Piet Pulford. 1990-2003- Ten year project to create exact clone of original Jota using this car as basis. Totally rebuilt, down to last detail using factory photos, as Jota. Chassis and body by Chris Lawrence (UK), paint and trim by Vale Cottage Motors (UK), mechanicals by- of course- Bob Wallace (USA). Car due to go to USA for engine fitting late summer 02. Estimated completion date- mid-2003. Estimated total build cost 250,000 and rising... UK registration 1 OTA . We can t wait to see (and hear) it! 1/2003- Engine seen at Bob Wallace s shop, said by him to have an honest 400bhp. 2/2003- Car is still in UK, hopefully will be ready to be shown at factory 40th anniversary in May with Bob Wallace driving it. 5/2003- Finished (well, almost!) car shown at factory s 40th anniversary meeting, displayed in entrance hall to factory and then driven on tour around region. Looks great, sounds out of this world. Much admired, car was completed 12 hours before leaving for Italy on truck..

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