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1968 LHD Islero 400 GT

Chassis Number 6105 is this US market Blu car currently believed to be residing in Germany .

Other Information: First owner - Sheriff of Ventura

Second owner - bought in 1970 from Overseas Motors (a BMW dealership on lower State Street in Santa Barbara) for $10,000 with approx 100k km on the odometer. It was sold to Ferrari of Los Gatos in 1988 and traded-in for a Ferrari Mondial Cabriolet. After 18 years of ownership.... but being driven every day by my father, and treated like a regular car including wet washing... the steel body would rust in key areas.
We took it to the premier shop in Santa Barbara called Project Design and run by Sam Foose - Chip Foose's father.

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1968Islero400 GT


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