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1968 LHD Islero 400 GT

Chassis Number 6009 is this Light Green car with Nero Leather interior, .

Other Information: French journalist José Rosinski tested it an published article in Sport Auto magazine in July 1968. He wrote in this article that Islero was still considered as a prototype and the one he tested as one of the first Islero produced according to french importer Voitures-Paris-Monceau (VPM). Color was light green with black interior, it had 4.000 km on tacho. I ve asked Edmond Ciclet (french Importer chief mechanic by that time) about #6009, he confirmed it was delivered to french importer and registered in begining of june 1968. José Rosinski wrote the car had a bad handling while braking. Then Mr. Lamy (commercial manager of VPM) asked Edmond to doubble check this. Edmond tested it on road and unfortunatly wrecked the car on an armco. Unfortunately, this car should be ready by October 1968 to attemp the Salon de Paris exhibition. Then Edmond went to italy at the factory, spent 3 weeks overthere in order to have it fixed. #6009 attempted the Paris exhibition. It was sold after to someone living in South of France. Since, it never showed again, Edmond Ciclet never heard about it anymore. Is it still alive ?.

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Information on this car was sourced from Olivier Namèche.

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1968Islero400 GT


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