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2022 LHD Huracan STO

Chassis Number NLA19480 is this European market Grigio car currently believed to be residing in Seoul, South Korea .

Information on this car was sourced from Whit Lupoli.

More details of this car can be seen at this link http://www.encar.com/dc/dc_cardetailview.do?pageid=fc_carsearch&listAdvType=normal&carid=33989626&view_type=normal&adv_attribute=&wtClick_forList=019&advClickPosition=imp_normal_p1_g5&tempht_arg=sIiFFF137L04_4

The data on this specific vehicle was last updated 7-Jan-2023.

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2022HuracanSTO 2022HuracanSTO 2022HuracanSTO


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