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2016 LHD Huracan LP610-4

Chassis Number GLA03705 is this European market Blu car with Nero and Giallo Alcantara interior, currently believed to be residing in Poland .

Other Information: for sale on otomoto.pl with 17k km for 1,280,000 PLN in October 2023 by CAR HOUSE.

The advert read:

In the car it was made:

- Full service in the Lamborghini Warsaw service - (cost about 20 thousand PLN)

- Installation of a carbon package from ECPS Group.

- Replacing the front bumper with the Performante version.

- New upholstery trim.

- The front of the vehicle is protected with a PPF protective film with a thickness of 210 microns, the remaining elements have been protected with a ceramic coating (date of service 04.2022)..

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Information on this car was sourced from otomoto.pl.

More details of this car can be seen at this link https://www.otomoto.pl/osobowe/oferta/lamborghini-huracan-lp610-4-coupe-fv23-dostepny-od-reki-ID6EVK9I.html

The data on this specific vehicle was last updated 29-Oct-2023.

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2016HuracanLP610-4 2016HuracanLP610-4 2016HuracanLP610-4


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