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2004 LHD Gallardo 

Chassis Number 4LA00121 is this US market Nero car with Nero Leather interior, currently believed to be residing in Lufkin, TX, United States .

Other Information: for sale on ebay.com for US $70,000.00 with 12,004 miles on Aug 22, 2010
This car was involved in a minor accident on 3/25/2009. Since then the vehicle has had two owners (myself being one) and the other being a close friend at Performance Auto Sales, an exotic/high end car dealer. The car was bought completely repaired and has been driven almost 3,000 miles since the accident. It runs and drives great, just as any Lamborghini should. The repairs/parts replaced were the right fender, hood, bumper, and headlights. One thing I would like to point out is.. Under the front bumper there is a scrape underneath. I assure you it cannot be seen by just walking around the car (You would have to crawl under it to see it). I will have the bumper taken off the car and resprayed with "Buy it now" price. I can also have this arranged for the winner of the auction @ a fraction of the cost to ensure you are more than happy with your purchase. I have owned and driven more high end cars but this is by far my favorite, it drives perfect!. Take advantage of this beautiful car at a wholesale price!.

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