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1972 LHD Espada Series 3

Chassis Number 8934 is this US market Rosso car with Nero Leather interior, currently believed to be residing in Lake Forest, CA near John Wayne Airport, United States .

Other Information: for sale on ebay.com for US $36,800.00 with 23,387 miles on May 20, 2010

Here is my very personal 1972 Lamborghini Espada (early) S3. This is a European import car brought into the US directly from Italy. This Espada has spent most of its life inside a garage. It retains its ORIGINAL PAINT so this lipstick red it's the original color. Although I like the variety of colors available for this car at the time, I believe this is one of the most suited colors for it. I had the car washed prior of taking pictures and the paint shines bright. The interior is in excellent condition. The black leather still has that leather smell and the inside is very clean. This is an early S3 model with factory power steering and A/C and if you are familiar with this car you know how valuable the power steering is. The engine compartment looks great. I had the smoke pump taken off although I still have all the parts put away. The previous owner had the tail exhaust pipes swapped with what's on now. There was a hood mounted driver side mirror which I didn't think was original so I took it off though I still have it. The 8 track cassette is not working and I never h ad the pleasure to test the A/C although I am almost positive it needs to be recharged. It does have all 5 Campagnolo wheels and 4 center caps eventhough it looks like there were painted silver over their gold original color. I inspected the car several times and I did not find any rust or bubbles anywhere. Paint and color is original although there are a few very small paint chips here and there. You can see the pictures of those parts towards the end of the scrolling collage. This Espada comes with a new front sway bar since the previous one was damaged by a careless towing company when I had the car transported frpm the mechanic to my house. There is also a dent underneath the noso close to where the sway bar is, it is hard to notice but it is there.

THE PROBLEM: Although this is almost a 40 year old car it looks like it was purchased a few years ago. I am the 3rd owner of this Espada and I purchase it a couple of years ago. When I bought it I put a new clutch and drove it occasionally on weekends and sunny days until I had the misfortune to have an engine problem. One of the valves broke off and fell on top of the piston (I believe No.4) smashing it flat. I took the car to a specialized Lamborghini mechanic and along with a endoscope We could clearly see the problem. I put the idea of fixing the car in the back burner so I parked the car back inside my home garage and pretty much forgot about it.

I ship cars worlwide.
Local inspection is very welcome. email me to set up an appointment or if you have any specific questions. Even though I do ship cars worldwide I cannot give a quote on shipping charges nationally or internationally. I can suggest a few shipping companies I have worked in the past although I am not affiliated with any of them.

California Shipping www.calship.com (talk to Brita)
Titan Shipping www.titanship.com (talk to Chris)
Rinkens Shipping www.rinkens.com (Talk to Joey)
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This car must be picked within 10 from the end of the auction even if it's been paid in full. If not picked up by the time requested I'd have to charge $25 per week storage fee the following week after the 10 days grace period. This is primarily to encourage the buyer to have the car picked up as soon as possible or I would end up with my entire lot packed with vehicles. I understand it sounds a bit harsh though I hope it makes a point.


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