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 LHD Espada Series 3

Chassis Number 9360 is this Blue car with Tan Leather interior, currently believed to be residing in USA .

It is fitted with engine number 41276.

Other Information: Build Number: 985 Build Date: 24.5.74 Supplied to dealer: LAMBORGHINI INC.

A beautiful shot of #9360 in Tahiti Blue/Tan parked in front of a P51D Mustang. Now with Steve Zillig, Clarence, NY, USA since Jan 2002 with only 11,000 original miles. Steve Claassen of Tropical Sport Car did an engine freshen and restoration on it after purchase. The photo with the P51D Mustang was a total coincidence. I was in the process of bringing the car from Ft Lauderdale to Buffalo, NY and decided to drive it to Cocoa before loading it on the hauler for the rest of the journey. At Ft Pierce, I looked for an airport to refuel with 100 octane. I found the airport and drove right out to the fuel pumps which were vacant. I refueled the one tank and started to refuel the other when up idled the Mustang. I very quickly finished fueling and pulled off to the side and realized it was a real photo oportunity when the mustang taxied to the pump. - Steve.

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Information on this car was sourced from Steve Zillig.

EspadaSeries 3 nbsp; EspadaSeries 3 nbsp; EspadaSeries 3 nbsp; EspadaSeries 3

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