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1978 LHD Espada Series 2

Chassis Number 8224 is this Metallic Blue car with Cream Leather interior, currently believed to be residing in Turin, I .

It has the following modifications from the standard european model on offer at the time of manufacture: 4 Door by Pietro Frua; Miura Wheels; Wheelbase lengthed by 175mm.

Other Information: talian coachbuilder Frua built this 4 door on an early Espada chassis #8224, with Miura style wheels . The wheelbase of the original Espada chassis was extended 7 inches giving the finished car a length of 18 feet and pushing weight up by 440 pounds. The Faena took Frua eight months to build. The Faena had Espada-like proportions and a similar "flatback" roof and verticle rear sub-window, but its hard heavy lines lacked the grace of the Bertone design.

The car was exhibited at the 57th Salone Internzionale dell'Automobile, Turin in the spring of 1978 and again at the Geneva Motor Show in 1980.

The car was later sold by Lambo-Motor AG in Basle, was owned by a German but Registered in Switzerland. The Faena was last seen in 1996 at Pullicino Classics in London.

At top the Frua Faena is pictured at an ILOC meeting at the Nuerburgring somewhere in the early'80-s..

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Information on this car was sourced from Paul Clemence / Raymond Stofer.

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