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1999 LHD Diablo VT Roadster

Chassis Number XLA12472 is this US market Giallo Flash car with Nero and Giallo with Yellow piping and stitching Leather interior, .

Other Information: Build Completion Date: 21 Apr 2000
Delivery Market: USA
Billing Date: 21 Apr 2000
Warranty Period: 04 Jun 2000 to 04 Jun 2002

for sale on ebay.com for US $499,000.00 with 1,513 miles on march 18,2015 by Exotic Cars of Houston

bare Carbon Fiber Roadster Wing

The front nose has been protected by an expertly applied clear bra and the windows have been tinted to protect the interior. This car also has an upgraded aftermarket exhaust in place of the very heavy factory muffler giving this Diablo an incredible trumpet-like roar that perfectly matches its head-turning stunning looks.

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1999DiabloVT Roadster 1999DiabloVT Roadster 1999DiabloVT Roadster 1999DiabloVT Roadster 1999DiabloVT Roadster


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