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1997 LHD Diablo VT Roadster

Chassis Number VLA12709 is this Italian market Blu Scuro car with Grigio Leather interior, .

It has the following modifications from the standard european model on offer at the time of manufacture: .

Other Information: sold via lemacc.com

The vehicle was updated on 31.07.1997 to Touringauto s.r.l. in Milan / Italy in blu scuro / grigio and with rear spoiler. Shortly thereafter, the vehicle went to Germany to Auto Neuser in Neumarkt near Würzburg. Neuser sold the Diablo VT Roadster as a new car shortly afterwards to a collector to Wiesbaden whereupon the first registration on 13.08.1998 took place. On 29.08.2003 and 16.000km later the owner separated from the vehicle and sold it to a person near Gelsenkirchen. Three years later, the car was sold to a collector in Offenbach am Main, who has cultivated the car to this very day. The service intervals were always met and the car was meticulously warm. Of course the car was moved only in good weather. This specimen impresses with predominant initial lacquer, original interior and all documents, tools, gloves which were delivered by factory from new. In addition, a Lamborghini Builtsheet is included in the documentation. Obviously the car has Matching Numbers. The current mileage is 35.000km..

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Information on this car was sourced from lemacc.com.

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More details of this car can be seen at this link http://lemacc.com/en/cars-en/cars-sold/lambodiablovtroadster-en

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