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1996 LHD Diablo SVR

Chassis Number LLA12569 is this European market Giallo car .

Other Information: for sale on eBay on 07Mar2002.

for sale on Ferraris-Online (according to thecoverage.my) on 24Jun16 with 16026km for $179.5k.

Diablo SV-R chassis number 12569 was driven by George Von Opel and Rob Peacock in 1996, before becoming one of several Diablo SV-Rs driven by Fabio Santaniello to win the 1997 Lamborghini Supertrophy. In 2002, it was imported to the United States by its current owner, a former IMSA GTP and GT driver, who then drove it twice at Le Belle Macchine: once on the 28th-30th of June 2003, and again on the 26th-28th of June 2004. Diablo SV-R chassis number 12569 is in absolutely drivable condition, with its latest service in September of last year by Lamborghini specialist Raging Bull Performance including a compression check, full fluid service, new battery, and an ignition timing, with the total invoice coming to $2,106.71 (RM8,488.23).

It was then inspected and serviced again last November by Raging Bull Performance, this time receiving a coolant flush, rebuilt alternator, new fuel pump, fuel filter and fuel hoses, with the invoice for this service coming to $5,692.26 (RM22,933.33). All service invoices for this Diablo SV-R are available from the vendor. The sale package includes a spare set of 8.5 x 17-inch front and 13 x 18-inch rear one-piece Speedline wheels and race tyres, the air jack, air wrench and lines, a spare steering rack, both lightweight Sparco racing seats, four suspension uprights, four spare rear axles, a spare set of suspension “A” arms, four spare racing shock absorbers with springs, and a spare rear spoiler.

Diablo SV-R chassis number 12569 is offered for sale here as an untitled race car, and although several Diablo SV-Rs have been made road legal, chassis number 12569 has not yet undergone a road legal conversion. Thanks to its cockpit’s ability to fit two seats, it makes for an ideal track day car with remarkable speed, stability and an incredible soundtrack from that 5.7 liter V12. No expense has been spared in its care and maintenance, and as one of only 31 Lamborghini Supertrophy Diablo SV-Rs in the world, it will definitely make for a unique and excellent addition to any supercar collection. With current mileage at 16,026 kilometers, it is now offered for sale at $179,500 (RM723,090.93). In an age where most current supercars have been made simpler to drive without overly challenging their owners, this Diablo SV-R offers the kind of analogue purist driving experience which demands commitment and provides tactile rewards in equal measure, and as one of the most hardcore Lamborghinis ever produced it represents a rare opportunity for the discerning driver and collector..

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