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1996 RHD Diablo SV

Chassis Number TLA12591 is this UK market Giallo car with Nero Alcantara interior, .

Other Information: Build Completion Date: 11 Jun 1996
Delivery Market: United Kingdom
Billing Date: 11 Jun 1996
Warranty Period: 21 Jun 1996 to 21 Jun 1997

Not sold at Silverstone Auction sale September 2018.

first registered on the 14th June 1996 to AFN as the first Diablo SV demonstrator in the UK. It was then bought by a private individual who sold it back to AFN who subsequently sold it to Alpine Audio.

Our vendor, an avid collector of Lamborghini, Ferrari and other exotica, purchased N666 LAM in 2014. Although the car was in good order, it had been in long-term storage since 2007 and he retained the services of The Ferrari Centre, Kent to carefully go through the car and service it, with the bill for this attention amounting to 12,300, less than 1,500 kilometres ago. The odometer reading of 33,473 km (all Lamborghinis of this period regardless if UK-supplied were fitted with odometers in kilometres) is warranted by the MoT records. The car is presented to auction freshly painted and sporting new SV decals and is accompanied by its original service book, both keys, and a history file containing bills and invoices, and previous MoTs for those periods when it was not in long-term storage. The car flew through its most recent MoT which expires in September 2019.


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Information on this car was sourced from Adelchi Romano / Silverstoneauctions.com.

More details of this car can be seen at this link https://www.silverstoneauctions.com/events/2018-auctions/the-september-sale-2018/the-september-sale-saturday-29th-september-2018/2pm-motor-cars/1996-lamborghini-diablo-sv

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