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2000 LHD Diablo 6.0

Chassis Number YLA12535 is this Swiss market Nero Pegaso car with Nero and Grigio Leather interior, currently believed to be residing in UK (from 2009), originally Switzerland .

Other Information: Build Completion Date: 29 Jun 2000
Delivery Market: Switzerland
Billing Date: 29 Jun 2000
Warranty Period: 27 Jul 2000 to 27 Jul 2002

for sale in November 2023 on Carhuna.com by DK Engineering on behalf of the current UK owner with 46,720km.

The advert read:

This example was supplied new to its first owner, Mr Chouraqui of Vaud, on the 27th of July 2000 via Lamborghini Porrentruy of Switzerland. Optioned in Nero Pegaso paint over a Nero Perseus leather interior with Grigio inserts, this VT is one of just 260 examples built and was available solely with the open-gated manual gearbox.
The car would see regular use with its first owner, covering the majority of its mileage within the first two years, when in October of 2002 it is noted in a service record that 36,733 kilometers had been covered. A few years of ownership later, Mr Chouraqui would then go on to trade the car back in to the supplying dealership, Lamborghini Porrentruy.
Handing the sale with the assistance Garage Remsa of Sion, the VT would then pass to its second owner, a collector of prominent 2000-ear sports and supercars. This owner would then go on to import the car to the UK in 2009, alongside a few other notable Diablos, where it was subsequently registered in September 2010.
Living in storage seeing close to no use from this point, the VT would then head to Rardley Motors for a major service in October 2012. The car would then remain in storage for the next ten years until in 2022, DK Engineering handled the sale of this Diablo to its current custodian.
Proceeding to give the car the refresh it deserved, the car was sent to marque specialists SB Race Engineering in December who carried out a major service and additionally replacing the fuel pumps at this time. After this, in early 2023, the car then visited DK Engineering’s own workshops where the sticky switches were rectified, wheels refurbished and equipped with new tyres. To give the cosmetics as much attention as the mechanics of the car, the VT was then sent for minor cosmetic paintwork at specialists Webster & Lancaster, after which it received paint protection film in the most vulnerable areas, care of Elite Detailing & Protection (EDP).
Available to view by appointment at DK Engineering’s storage facility, this Diablo VT 6.0 presents with just over 29k miles from new over just three owners.

Service History
29.09.2000 – Service – Lamborghini Porrentruy – 2,824 kilometers
14.05.2001 – Service - Lamborghini Porrentruy – 12,803 kilometers
24.08.2001 – Service – P3 Automobiles – 20,862 kilometers
25.09.2002 – Service - Lamborghini Porrentruy – 36,733 kilometers
08.02.2007 – Service - Garage Remsa – 45,100 kilometers
04.10.2012 – Major Service – Rardley Motors – 46,077 kilometers
16.12.2022 – Major Service - SB Race Engineering – 46,088 kilometers

MOT History
20.07.2009 – 46,076 kilometers
13.08.2010 – 46,077 kilometers
01.08.2012 – 46,081 kilometers
14.12.2022 – 46,087 kilometers

Ownership History
27.07.2000 – Supplied new to Mr Chouraqui of Vaud via Lamborghini Porrentruy
xx.xx.2007 – Sold to second owner via Garage Remsa of Sion
29.10.2022 – Sold to current owner.

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Information on this car was sourced from Adelchi Romano / Raymond Stofer / Carhuna.com.

and here https://docs.google.com/gview?url=https://carhuna-uploads-prod.s3.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/next-s3-uploads/901323211/13-11-2023/original/c5213600-65df-4460-b4c7-7b92f719cca1/DK-Engineering-photos-from-2000-at-Lamborghini-Porrentruy.pdf

for more details of this car for sale on 20/11/2023 refer to https://www.carhuna.com/auctions/vehicle/2000-lamborghini-diablo-vt-60-68kw507

The data on this specific vehicle was last updated 20-Nov-2023.

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